Welcome to Mud Monkeys

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

“I must say, Mud Monkeys

Delivers Screened Topsoil

Delivers Several Types of Gravel

Offers Bobcat Grading Services


Does Bloody Great Repair and Install Work on Gravel Driveways!

While I am a bit repulsed by the first half of their name I have the utmost affection for the second half and give them my highest recommend!”

Here’s the deal ol’ chap, in my neck of the jungl….er woods, we have a saying, “That’s so easy even a human could do it!”

I certainly don’t wish to go out on a limb here…(hmmm let me think about that…) but permit me to enlighten you: What the Mud boys do is not easy work by any stretch, yet their experience makes it look easy and they execute with professionalism (and intelligence) I’ve heretofore witnessed only from those of a simian persuasion. You’d be doing yourself a favor if you call them right now at 615-651-9275

NEW! Announcing Mud Monkeys Now Produces Screened Topsoil!

We have acquired a new screener and we are producing beautiful product!

And we sell it for a price below most nursery centers in the area!

SPECIAL UPDATE! For a limited time, starting 4-15-22 we are offering 4 cubic YARDS(!) of *beautiful, sifted, screened topsoil **delivered for only $285!!!

Feel free to monkey around if you need to but when you’re ready to get some great topsoil and outstanding service, CALL US AT 615-651-9275

*Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder : )

**limited delivery area. Farther out will cost additional according to distance.

“Wow Do I Love My New Driveway! No More Car Jockeying! Thank You Mud Monkeys!”

Mud D. Monkey

End the Madness!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

Why people waste time and money for years, moving cars around in their driveways, escapes me.

The very thought reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day… and something about the definition of insanity?

It doesn’t cost that much to add extra parking space.

Just think:

  • No more, “Could you move your car? I need out!”
  • Eliminate the embarrassing, “Oh no, The Kennedy’s just dropped by and had to park in the street!”
  • Say goodbye to, “Metro just fined us again for parking in the grass!”
  • And you do KNOW what your neighbor John and his wife Emily are saying, right? “I thought the (insert your last name here) were pretty smart cookies but just look at them jocking those cars around their driveway again! (Emily laughs heartily).Oh, wouldn’t you love to cut that daily discourse off at the pass?

    In a supposedly civilized society, everyone and I do mean everyone, deserves ample parking, what are we, animals? (Don’t answer that : )

    My Mud Monkey associates can make the bliss of no more car jockeying happen for you, no, not “someday”, NOW!

    Take a look at what we did for Monica:

    Monica’s New Driveway Install

    And even though installing a new gravel drive will both increase your property value and actually save your family money in the long run, here’s an exceptional discount coupon you can use today to help mitigate the initial cost:


Need More Parking? Add Parking!

by Mud D. Monkey

I was visiting with the Mud Boys on a parking pad install job the other day when, much to my chagrin, the conversation turned to the various solutions they’ve employed to impart freedom and peace of mind in the form of additional parking space to their customers.

I lit my pipe, leaned back on a tree for a smoke, then settled in for an eye glazing dissertation on the finer points of two inch gravel.

“What did I get myself into now?” I mused…obviously I’d forgotten how passionate Mud Monkeys® is about their work.. “Egads, this conversation could go on all day!”

I woke up just in time to catch this juicy little tidbit:

“We’ve added space beside an existing asphalt drive, we’ve installed a loop parking pad from a side street to the front of a property, we’ve cut a small loop parking area that loops back to the same street, we’ve even put in culverts to cross drainage ditches, permitting yard access where we then made a nice parking area,” explained Jim, a long term Mud Monkey employee.

“We have installed huge lots for commercial use and we’ve created parking inside fenced areas using railroad ties as stops to prevent cars accidentally damaging fencing,”

Being of Simian descent I certainly hate playing second banana, but by Jove, I must say, if you need extra parking space don’t call me, call the boys with the experience to do it right the first time!

Don’t call this monkey, call Mud Monkeys!

Those Busy Little Monkeys!

Mud D. Monkey

Rising Temperatures Have My Mud Boys Rockin’ Round The Clock!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

It was just scant days ago I was reporting on Mud Monkeys’ jobs wearing long johns and ski mittens. What a difference a week makes!

I’ll grab a spot of tea and invite you to review these pics I took over the last two weeks wearing nothing more than my red Nike tennis shoes and matching scarf. (It’s totally cool, ol’ chap, I do have fur in all the right places you know!

Well… in most of them anyway : )

Just a few of the many jobs Mud Monkeys has worked recently:

This Awesome Mud Monkeys’ Bobcat operator invited me in the cab to grab this shot of driveway grading in Goodlettsville. Tally ho!
A different crusher run gravel drive install, and I must say, quite a pretty one, in Donelson, just after the Mud Monkeys crew finished..
A job getting underway today (3-12-19) for a business on Centennial Blvd. in Nashville .400 feet of drainage pipe, excavation work and 590.000 lbs. of rock ,, yet Mud Monkeys Crew #1, expects to finish early next week, bloody amazing!
Same place on Centennial, the boys are about to install drainage to move water from the gutter spouts across the parking lot (before installing fresh gravel).
Bonus pic! Almost a half mile deep the rock quarry the boys get their gravel from is a seriously scary place for most but you should see how much fun the Boys have scampering up and down the cliffs! The moral: Sometimes it pays to be a Mud Monkey!

And if you want your job done right by people…er…monkeys…er let’s just say someone who truly cares about you getting a great result and extreme value for your money it ALWAYS pays to choose MUD MONKEYS!

Mud Monkeys in the Christmas Parade!

Mud Monkeys in line last Saturday to start rocking…not at a job site… at the Goodlettsville 2018 Christmas Parade!

Employees were in monkey masks handing out candy as we proceeded down Dickerson Pike.

“Here come the monkeys!” was heard repeatedly as kids all along the parade route asked for pics with “the monkeys” (and a few adults too!).

A good time was had by all, we can’t wait for next year!

We’re The Fools To Do Your Dirty Work!

When you need a bit of Dirt Work
Right here in your town
Just call to get us runnin’
And you know we’ll be around

‘Coz… (sing along now)

We’re the fools to do your dirty work
We’re the fools to do your dirty work. Oh yeah!

“Great work! Thank you very much!
I will definitely recommend you to others who need work.”- Douglas Mason, Nashville. (11-28-18 regarding driveway Bobcat grading/gravel work on 11-27 at his residence.)

Hey, Did ya know? Mud Monkeys is:

Topsoil, Mulch, Gravel, Crusher Run DELIVERED!

Two tri-axle loads of Mud Monkey’s Crusher Run. Look at that Bobcat in the background….BIG LOADS!

Residential and Light Commercial 10 Yard Organic Dumpster Service!

Bobcat Grading, Material Spreading and…. yes. we can solve your surface water drainage issues!

Roll Off Dump Truck to deliver your smaller Topsoil, Gravel and Mulch loads, plus handy Banana-Cans, easy-to-load 10 cu. yard Dumpsters to haul away your dirt or yard debris!

Big Job? $250 to $10,000, Financing Is An Option!

“I really must say, I just LOVE this company and I’m quite fond of their name! Do make room for a tete-a-tete with Kelly, Grant or Mickey today!”- Roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

Call 615.651.9275 or e-mail us at mudmonkeytn@gmail.com

Shore Erosion? The Rip Rap Solution!

Mud D. Monkey

It doesn’t have to wash away!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

If you own a waterfront home you probably know all too well the feeling of watching your highly valuable property erode.

It’s kind of like watching your stocks tank in a bear market.

Or my own personal fear: that delightful yellow fruit, rotting away in the banana bowl…egads… perish the thought!

But exactly seventy-seven years after the Japanese devastated Pearl Harbor, it was so good to witness something positive on an American shoreline: the Veteran owned and operated Mud Monkeys. halting a serious water erosion issue for one Ashland City homeowner.

The weapon of choice? Forget the machine guns and P-51 Mustangs, this was rip rap, six to twelve inch stone, loaded into a tri-axle and placed using Mud Monkey’s Bobcat track machine.

I’ve seen these jobs botched before, they are extremely difficult to fix by hand due to the irregular shape and weight of the stone. But Mud Monkey’s highly skilled, experienced Bobcat operator made short work of it,

Tawnya, the Mud Monkeys’ customer, agreed it was expertly accomplished and expressed her pleasure with the work, knowing the serious erosion problem had been halted for good. “You did an excellent job, I’m very happy!,” she exclaimed.

And no wonder:

While there is always damage when running a Bobcat on lawn, it doesn’t usually tear out roots so the grass will come back. Smoothing it up, though is critical and, as you can see, even working in mud, Mud Monkey’s operator is second to none in that regard.

If you have an erosion problems contact Mud Monkeys today for a quote on having rip-rap installed.

It’s not a cheap job for sure but a lot less expensive than losing feet of your valuable shoreline!

It works on eroding drainage ditches as well.

And that’s the way it was, December 7th, 2018, roving reporter Mud. D. Monkey signing off.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!