Those Busy Little Monkeys!

Mud D. Monkey

Rising Temperatures Have My Mud Boys Rockin’ Round The Clock!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

It was just scant days ago I was reporting on Mud Monkeys’ jobs wearing long johns and ski mittens. What a difference a week makes!

I’ll grab a spot of tea and invite you to review these pics I took over the last two weeks wearing nothing more than my red Nike tennis shoes and matching scarf. (It’s totally cool, ol’ chap, I do have fur in all the right places you know!

Well… in most of them anyway : )

Just a few of the many jobs Mud Monkeys has worked recently:

This Awesome Mud Monkeys’ Bobcat operator invited me in the cab to grab this shot of driveway grading in Goodlettsville. Tally ho!
A different crusher run gravel drive install, and I must say, quite a pretty one, in Donelson, just after the Mud Monkeys crew finished..
A job getting underway today (3-12-19) for a business on Centennial Blvd. in Nashville .400 feet of drainage pipe, excavation work and 590.000 lbs. of rock ,, yet Mud Monkeys Crew #1, expects to finish early next week, bloody amazing!
Same place on Centennial, the boys are about to install drainage to move water from the gutter spouts across the parking lot (before installing fresh gravel).
Bonus pic! Almost a half mile deep the rock quarry the boys get their gravel from is a seriously scary place for most but you should see how much fun the Boys have scampering up and down the cliffs! The moral: Sometimes it pays to be a Mud Monkey!

And if you want your job done right by people…er…monkeys…er let’s just say someone who truly cares about you getting a great result and extreme value for your money it ALWAYS pays to choose MUD MONKEYS!