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“Wow Do I Love My New Driveway! No More Car Jockeying! Thank You Mud Monkeys!”

Mud D. Monkey

End the Madness!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

Why people waste time and money for years, moving cars around in their driveways, escapes me.

The very thought reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day… and something about the definition of insanity?

It doesn’t cost that much to add extra parking space.

Just think:

  • No more, “Could you move your car? I need out!”
  • Eliminate the embarrassing, “Oh no, The Kennedy’s just dropped by and had to park in the street!”
  • Say goodbye to, “Metro just fined us again for parking in the grass!”
  • And you do KNOW what your neighbor John and his wife Emily are saying, right? “I thought the (insert your last name here) were pretty smart cookies but just look at them jocking those cars around their driveway again! (Emily laughs heartily).Oh, wouldn’t you love to cut that daily discourse off at the pass?

    In a supposedly civilized society, everyone and I do mean everyone, deserves ample parking, what are we, animals? (Don’t answer that : )

    My Mud Monkey associates can make the bliss of no more car jockeying happen for you, no, not “someday”, NOW!

    Take a look at what we did for Monica:

    Monica’s New Driveway Install

    And even though installing a new gravel drive will both increase your property value and actually save your family money in the long run, here’s an exceptional discount coupon you can use today to help mitigate the initial cost:

Shore Erosion? The Rip Rap Solution!

Mud D. Monkey

It doesn’t have to wash away!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

If you own a waterfront home you probably know all too well the feeling of watching your highly valuable property erode.

It’s kind of like watching your stocks tank in a bear market.

Or my own personal fear: that delightful yellow fruit, rotting away in the banana bowl…egads… perish the thought!

But exactly seventy-seven years after the Japanese devastated Pearl Harbor, it was so good to witness something positive on an American shoreline: the Veteran owned and operated Mud Monkeys. halting a serious water erosion issue for one Ashland City homeowner.

The weapon of choice? Forget the machine guns and P-51 Mustangs, this was rip rap, six to twelve inch stone, loaded into a tri-axle and placed using Mud Monkey’s Bobcat track machine.

I’ve seen these jobs botched before, they are extremely difficult to fix by hand due to the irregular shape and weight of the stone. But Mud Monkey’s highly skilled, experienced Bobcat operator made short work of it,

Tawnya, the Mud Monkeys’ customer, agreed it was expertly accomplished and expressed her pleasure with the work, knowing the serious erosion problem had been halted for good. “You did an excellent job, I’m very happy!,” she exclaimed.

And no wonder:

While there is always damage when running a Bobcat on lawn, it doesn’t usually tear out roots so the grass will come back. Smoothing it up, though is critical and, as you can see, even working in mud, Mud Monkey’s operator is second to none in that regard.

If you have an erosion problems contact Mud Monkeys today for a quote on having rip-rap installed.

It’s not a cheap job for sure but a lot less expensive than losing feet of your valuable shoreline!

It works on eroding drainage ditches as well.

And that’s the way it was, December 7th, 2018, roving reporter Mud. D. Monkey signing off.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Driveway Grade and Gravel in Springfield, TN

Have a driveway in Springfield TN in need of grading and gravel?

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We CAN Solve your surface water drainage issues!

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We Have the Lowest Prices on High Quality work and materials in the Sumner-Robertson-Davidson-Williamson-Williams county area!

MULCH (black, brown, red)

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Price varies with type of job and location.

5-24-18 Goodlettsville TN Bobcat Pavillion Excavation

by Mud. D. Monkey

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of reporting on this light excavation job on Shell Road in Goodlettsville, TN, a portion of that fine city located in Sumner County.

Mud Monkey’s customer, Steve, decided he wanted to erect a small pavilion between his pool pump house and pool but was not at all wanting to pay the $18.000 a local construction company bid to remove the hill of dirt in the way.

“There will almost surely be huge rocks in there we’ll have to use blasting caps on…it could take weeks,” they explained, “just sign on this dotted line.”

Paying $18K wasn’t an option, instead, Steve remembered Mud Monkey’s operator due to other tasks he’d had done in the past and called.

Good decision.

Our operator got to work. Slightly over 5 hours later, done! And he performed a wee bit of additional work too!

“This is exactly how I envisioned it turning out,” exclaimed Steve!

Certainly today’s job was an extreme case but we routinely save our customers several thousand dollars, most typically by beating our competition’s $5,000 minimum on excavation and knocking out the job in under one day for a whole lot less bananas! (Note that personally I’m no fan of less bananas but I can understand Steve being excited about it.)

As usual, huge savings, the job exceeding expectations, smiles all around, we left the site knowing Mud Monkeys had satisfied yet another customer.

And that’s the way it was on May 23rd, 2018, Mud D. Monkey signing off!

Have a Bobcat job you need done? Call Kelly at 615-651-9275

or e-mail our Bobcat Work Specialist direct: You may send job site pics to that e-mail to assist with your estimate.

5-15-18 Pool Dig!

by Mud. D. Monkey

Yesterday I had the good fortune of reporting on this pool excavation just off Gallatin Pike in Nashville.

Mud Monkey’s customer, Tricia, had purchased an 18 foot round Intex pool and promptly discovered digging with a shovel was too much for her…two scoops after starting…maybe?

Intelligent decision! We ended up filling half her yard with debris from the hole.

“Wow, this is a lot more dirt coming out than I had figured on!” she exclaimed more than once. A rock also came out that was so large even our somewhat muscular operator couldn’t budge it by hand!

If a pool isn’t level enough it can collapse, not a good thing.

Tricia had traced an eighteen foot circle, so our operator dug that out first. Dig, measure and laser to check level, he repeated those steps many times until the specified area was “correct and within tolerance.”

While I snacked on a few beetles that had crawled out of the hole, our operator did some side scoop work to enlarge the circle and chamfer the sides so a wall wouldn’t be necessary.

(I am not without manners by the way. But when I offered Tricia an exceptionally fat, juicy and lively beetle, for some inexplicable reason, she politely refused. Her loss, my gain : )

Finally, the Mud Monkeys operator smoothed out the dirt spoils so they incorporated nicely into Tricia’s landscape with only minimal hand work remaining.

“Could you move that big rock and place it by the shed on your way out?” asked Tricia.


Job time was approx. 4 hours, Tricia paid at the discount coupon rate for a pool leveling job, truly a bargain, smiles all around as our operator left to do his next job of the day!

And that’s the way it was on May 15th, 2018, Mud D. Monkey signing off!

Culvert Installation in Davidson County, Nashville.

By Roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

I was right in the middle of a perfectly ricky roo day when the boss lit up my Monkey Phone:

“That culvert installation story on Old Hickory Boulevard is breaking now and you need to cover it,” the vexatious old Orangutan practically screamed in my left ear.

“It’s a Mud Monkey customer needing their driveway extended ten feet to the right side for easier entrance to the property, this is absolutely huge!” he added.

I shook my head slightly in mock defiance, debating whether to rebel for real, but quickly decided to cover the assignment anyway, I am in pursuit of the Excellence in Journalism Award, you know.

Upon arriving, I witnessed a chaotic scene. The Mud Monkeys’ Bobcat Man was gingerly lifting an 1,800 lb. 10 foot long concrete culvert from a funky little homemade trailer the customer had picked it up in herself after purchase.

Dave the Mud Monkeys driver was struggling to guide the lift chains, the machine making that annoying beeping noise as it was backing up.

And the customer, Becky, obviously terrified her life changing concrete culvert was going to drop and break, was yelling, “Through God all things are possible!” ….just pure chaos.

Within thirty seconds of arrival I assumed full lotus position just to calm my nerves.

And stayed there.

Except for when I took these hopefully self-explanatory pics of the awesome job the Mud Monkeys guys did:

And that’s the way it was, September 18th, 2018, roving reporter Mud D. Monkey signing off.

Do nominate me for The Excellence in Journalism Award here

By the way, Mud Monkeys does sell, deliver and install culverts to replace old, collapsing ones or to extend what you have to achieve additional swing room entering. And Mud Monkeys is:

Driveway Washing Out Repeatedly? Tired of Graveling Over and Over? Don’t Monkey Around With a Quick Fix!

by Mud D. Monkey

If your gravel drive is washing out repeatedly, sometimes just after having fresh gravel laid, there may be a solution that’s less costly than cement or paving and will save you a bunch of banana$ in the long run.

Mud Monkeys does offer simple rut grading and gravel replacement, and we are happy to do that, but it may not address the root problem.

For a longer lasting solution we also offer a more comprehensive fix:

  • More extensive grading that redirects runoff.
  • French drains
  • Gutter cuts
  • Erosion control using a combination of materials that increase stability

This solution requires both machine and hand labor.

Contrary to my usual thought process, I’d advise you not to monkey around, Call Kelly at 615-651-9275 now for an on-site consultation and estimate.

Big Job? $200 to $10,000, Financing Is An Option!

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Drainage Problem?

by Mud D. Monkey

The best time to inspect your property for drainage issues is during a rain.

Look for:

  • Areas along your foundation where the dirt slopes down into the foundation rather than away from it.
  • Ponding water
  • Ruts in your driveway, yard or embankment caused by water
  • Erosion

All these issues can be solved by the re-grading services offered by Mud Monkeys.

Call today to book your job or to schedule a consultation.

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