Lan Care Nashville

Did you search “lawn care near me” or “mowing service near me” because you need lawn care for your Nashville Tennessee 37210 property?

Mud Monkeys stated mowing services in 2023 and would be happy to give you a FREE quote on weekly or bi-weekly mowing and trimming service.

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Did You Know? We do Above Ground Pool Leveling

Laser Level precision dig within 2″ of grade.

100s of successful pool leveling jobs completed.

CALL NOW TO GET ON OUR SCHEDULE! 50% Deposit required to secure date. 615-651-9275

8-1-1 Call B4 You Dig Required. Pool dug in nice and level by the Mud Monkeys. Backfill as shown here is a separate job with permissible depth of backfill according to manufacturer directions.

Pool Leveling and Back fill Hendersonville Tennessee

If you searched “pool leveling near me” and you live near Hendersonville Tennsessee, we are definitely the company you need.

Some jobs it may make sense to hire a newbie or rent and DIY.

But this job is not one of them. It requires a high level of experience at both operating the equipment and grading. If you have less than 200 hours grading while using a laser level, best to hire us. Otherwise its very likely you will finish, set up the pool, fill it, then then realize

the pool is at risk of collapse. You then must:

Drain, tear the pool down, remove and call us anyway.

we do:

Laser Level precision dig of above ground pools within 2″ of grade.

Final level must be accomplished with sand, screened topsoil or other material.

100s of successful pool leveling jobs completed.

CALL NOW TO GET ON OUR SCHEDULE! 50% Deposit required to secure date. 615-651-9275

Pool set! The back fill pasrt shown is accomplished after you get your pool installed.

The Rain Is On In Tennessee! Will it cost you?

Surface drainage issues can cost big money if they cause water damage to your home or other structure.

We can:

Add dirt around your foundation and grade properly

Cut a drainage swale

Build a berm


Acting quickly can cost you a few hundred now but save thousands later. Call today! 615-651-9275

Above Ground Pool Leveling? Yes, we do that!

The heat is coming. hottest summer ever! It’s best to start prepping for your pool now! Even if you haven’t yet purchased it, but know what size and shape you’re getting, we can get you fixed up to avoid long wait times later! 615-651-9275

Spring is here!

Time to spruce up that gravel driveway? Mow that lawn? Get some topsoil delivered for that upcoming project? Backfill that pool? Give us a call: 615-651-9275

Mud Monkeys Delivers On New Firepit!

This is a job Mud Monkeys did for a homeowner who originally had us build a pea gravel driveway extension with a timber border. He chose pea gravel because that’s what creates the surface in an exposed aggregate drive, so the materials matched.

But he decided to add a fireplace/firepit with an 8 foot radius to accommodate some chairs. We had to berm up dirt along the perimeter make a surface for the paver block to sit on. Then build the fireplace at the center.

With a radius of 8 foot, the total size is 16 foot across. We all agreed it turned out great!

Mud monkeys staked it out and began excavation to level. We then added approx. 8 inches of various types of gravel to create the base and the pea gravel surface. Because the ground was not level we had to berm part of the perimeter to

At 16 feet across, it easily has space for multiple lawn chairs.

Interested? pricing starts at $850. Brick work included it starts at just $1,1 50, CALL US!

Gravel Driveway Repair

How we handle a sloped drive with a history of washing out:
We mix lime powder and large rock then pack it tight. The larger rock embeds and is too heavy for most runoff to budge. Not quite as smooth to drive on, but not bad, and the good thing: it holds. This was a drive we did yesterday in Ashland City.

Need More Parking? Add Parking!

by Mud D. Monkey

I was visiting with the Mud Boys on a parking pad install job the other day when, much to my chagrin, the conversation turned to the solutions they’ve employed to impart freedom ( in the form of additional parking space) to their customers.

I lit my pipe, leaned back on a tree for a smoke, then settled in for what I knew would be yet another eye glazing dissertation on the finer points of two inch gravel.

“What did I get myself into now?” I mused…. “Egads, this conversation could go on all day!”

I woke up just in time to catch this juicy little tidbit:

“We’ve added space beside an existing asphalt drive, we’ve installed a loop parking pad from a side street to the front of a property, we’ve cut a semi-circle parking area that loops back to the same street, we’ve even put in culverts to cross drainage ditches, permitting yard access where we then made a nice parking area,” said Jim, a long term Mud Monkey employee.

“We have installed huge lots for commercial use and we’ve created parking inside fenced areas using railroad ties as stops to prevent cars accidentally damaging fencing,”

Being of Simian descent I certainly hate playing second banana, but by Jove, I must say, if you need extra parking space don’t call me, call the boys with the experience to do it right the first time!

Don’t call this monkey, call Mud Monkeys!