Pool Backfill Pic

Mud D. Monkey

I was fortunate enough to drop by this job site in Madison TN on 9-12-18 just as Mud Monkey’s Bobcat Operator was finishing grading out this pool, which is designed to be completely buried, in-ground pool fashion.

But the homeowner wanted it only partially buried then graded to shed water away from the pool.

So the Mud Monkey’s trucks hauled in 28 yards of fill dirt plus 16 yards of screened topsoil, installed over the fill.

The next step will be Mud Monkey’s Instant Grass crew doing it’s thing in all bare-dirt areas.

“Hey guys, can you join your voices in harmony on Ray Stevens’ Guitarzan while you install the sod?”

Oh, come on!…You know it”

“He’s got a pet monkey who likes to get drunk and sing boogie woogie it sounds real funky…”