Need More Parking? Add Parking!

by Mud D. Monkey

I was visiting with the Mud Boys on a parking pad install job the other day when, much to my chagrin, the conversation turned to the solutions they’ve employed to impart freedom ( in the form of additional parking space) to their customers.

I lit my pipe, leaned back on a tree for a smoke, then settled in for what I knew would be yet another eye glazing dissertation on the finer points of two inch gravel.

“What did I get myself into now?” I mused…. “Egads, this conversation could go on all day!”

I woke up just in time to catch this juicy little tidbit:

“We’ve added space beside an existing asphalt drive, we’ve installed a loop parking pad from a side street to the front of a property, we’ve cut a semi-circle parking area that loops back to the same street, we’ve even put in culverts to cross drainage ditches, permitting yard access where we then made a nice parking area,” said Jim, a long term Mud Monkey employee.

“We have installed huge lots for commercial use and we’ve created parking inside fenced areas using railroad ties as stops to prevent cars accidentally damaging fencing,”

Being of Simian descent I certainly hate playing second banana, but by Jove, I must say, if you need extra parking space don’t call me, call the boys with the experience to do it right the first time!

Don’t call this monkey, call Mud Monkeys!