5-15-18 Pool Dig!

by Mud. D. Monkey

Yesterday I had the good fortune of reporting on this pool excavation just off Gallatin Pike in Nashville.

Mud Monkey’s customer, Tricia, had purchased an 18 foot round Intex pool and promptly discovered digging with a shovel was too much for her…two scoops after starting…maybe?

Intelligent decision! We ended up filling half her yard with debris from the hole.

“Wow, this is a lot more dirt coming out than I had figured on!” she exclaimed more than once. A rock also came out that was so large even our somewhat muscular operator couldn’t budge it by hand!

If a pool isn’t level enough it can collapse, not a good thing.

Tricia had traced an eighteen foot circle, so our operator dug that out first. Dig, measure and laser to check level, he repeated those steps many times until the specified area was “correct and within tolerance.”

While I snacked on a few beetles that had crawled out of the hole, our operator did some side scoop work to enlarge the circle and chamfer the sides so a wall wouldn’t be necessary.

(I am not without manners by the way. But when I offered Tricia an exceptionally fat, juicy and lively beetle, for some inexplicable reason, she politely refused. Her loss, my gain : )

Finally, the Mud Monkeys operator smoothed out the dirt spoils so they incorporated nicely into Tricia’s landscape with only minimal hand work remaining.

“Could you move that big rock and place it by the shed on your way out?” asked Tricia.


Job time was approx. 4 hours, Tricia paid at the discount coupon rate for a pool leveling job, truly a bargain, smiles all around as our operator left to do his next job of the day!

And that’s the way it was on May 15th, 2018, Mud D. Monkey signing off!