Driveway Washing Out Repeatedly? Tired of Graveling Over and Over? Don’t Monkey Around With a Quick Fix!

by Mud D. Monkey

If your gravel drive is washing out repeatedly, sometimes just after having fresh gravel laid, there may be a solution that’s less costly than cement or paving and will save you a bunch of banana$ in the long run.

Mud Monkeys does offer simple rut grading and gravel replacement, and we are happy to do that, but it may not address the root problem.

For a longer lasting solution we also offer a more comprehensive fix:

  • More extensive grading that redirects runoff.
  • French drains
  • Gutter cuts
  • Erosion control using a combination of materials that increase stability

This solution requires both machine and hand labor.

Contrary to my usual thought process, I’d advise you not to monkey around, Call Kelly at 615-651-9275 now for an on-site consultation and estimate.

Big Job? $200 to $10,000, Financing Is An Option!

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