“Wow Do I Love My New Driveway! No More Car Jockeying! Thank You Mud Monkeys!”

Mud D. Monkey

End the Madness!

by roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

Why people waste time and money for years, moving cars around in their driveways, escapes me.

The very thought reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day… and something about the definition of insanity?

It doesn’t cost that much to add extra parking space.

Just think:

  • No more, “Could you move your car? I need out!”
  • Eliminate the embarrassing, “Oh no, The Kennedy’s just dropped by and had to park in the street!”
  • Say goodbye to, “Metro just fined us again for parking in the grass!”
  • And you do KNOW what your neighbor John and his wife Emily are saying, right? “I thought the (insert your last name here) were pretty smart cookies but just look at them jocking those cars around their driveway again! (Emily laughs heartily).Oh, wouldn’t you love to cut that daily discourse off at the pass?

    In a supposedly civilized society, everyone and I do mean everyone, deserves ample parking, what are we, animals? (Don’t answer that : )

    My Mud Monkey associates can make the bliss of no more car jockeying happen for you, no, not “someday”, NOW!

    Take a look at what we did for Monica:

    Monica’s New Driveway Install

    And even though installing a new gravel drive will both increase your property value and actually save your family money in the long run, here’s an exceptional discount coupon you can use today to help mitigate the initial cost: