Crusher Run Nashville


Crusher Run Nashville TN is what you need and you have found it! With flat rate delivery + material, no minimum amount to all Nashville TN zip code areas!

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Crusher run (or the slang terns, crush and run, crush n run. crush & run) is not only far less expensive than gravel, it’s superior for many applications:

  • It contains both gravel and limestone dust. The dust lets it “pack” creating a solid base
  • Gravel sinks in mud, if thick enough, crusher run does not. great to install on driveways after grading
  • The Crusher run dust chemically combines with clay, forming a hard pack surface similar to cement
  • Crusher run is used as the bottom layer in patio and walk installs.

    We can bring you anything from just a ton or two of crusher run up to multiple tri-axle loads!

    Our site page has details, contact information and pricing:

    or call Kelly @ 615-651-9275


    We also offer mulch and topsoil!