Gravel Nashville, TN | Mud Monkeys | Nashville Gravel Supplier

Gravel Nashville is what we do. If you need gravel, pea gravel or crusher run, washed gravel or crushed gravel, Mud Monkeys is THE gravel supplier (with delivery) company in Nashville TN.

Small orders welcome!

    All types of washed gravel including

  • Our most popular, #57 (3/4 inch)
  • Crusher Run
  • Pea Gravel

We can deliver any sized order but we specialize in small loads of 1 to 4 tons. Why monkey around? That’s OUR job! call us NOW!

Mud Monkeys: 615.651.9275

Gravel ● Dumpsters ● Bobcat ● Mulch ● Topsoil ● We’re The Fools To Do Your Dirty Work!