The Many Benefits of Mulch

by Mud D. Monkey

Sometimes it can be a real zoo around here but as soon as I get clear I’m definitely going to mulch the beds at Mud Monkeys’ office complex.



  • Mulch retains water keeping soil from drying out so quickly.
  • Mulch reduces the frequency of watering during dry spells
  • Mulch breaks down over time, conditioning and enriching the soil
  • Mulch is aesthetically appealing, freshly applied, it looks GREAT!

Unfortunately we don’t offer it in my much preferred banana yellow color, but we do offer brown, black and red, delivered to your location!

Mulch Delivery


Mud Monkeys offers Mulch

Delivery Services.

To place your order please call Kelly at 615-651-9275

Our primary delivery areas are:

Greenbrier Tn 37073

Springfield Tn 37172

Goodlettsville Tn 37072

Millersville 37072

Hendersonville Tn 37075

Madison Tn 37116

Inglewood 37216

East Nashville Tn 37216

Hermitage Tn 37076

Lakewood Tn 3713

*Service beyond the listed areas is available at an extra charge.

To place your order please call Kelly at 615-651-9275

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