The Monkeys Fix A Drainage Issue

by Mud D. Monkey

Mud Monkeys can install berms, swales or french drains to correct drainage issues from surface water runoff.

The problem in this case: The garage below was installed into a hillside in Springfield, TN, barely cut out enough to fit, with little consideration for runoff water. Over time the cut out hill to the left collapsed, making it worse.

The customer was getting water inside each time it rained, ruining her belongings. This left side pictured, and the back, each 25 feet in length, needed to be addressed.

The fix: With a concrete wall and a tree to the left the Mud Boys had their work cut out. Slowly but surely, over a 3 day period involving plenty of both machine and hand labor, the Muddy Monkeys boys were able to get a Bobcat in to dig out beside the garage to foundation level. They then moved the spoils to other areas of the property.

Digging and tweaking, mostly by hand, they created an even deeper trench, slightly sloped from the end near the downspout, to the back discharge area.. They filled it with pipe and the proper types of gravel, protecting it with water permeable drainage fabric then covering with about two inches of gravel. To eliminate the expense of installing a wall, the sides were champhered (sloped).

Finally, the homeowner saved some $ by self-installing seed and straw blanket mats to prevent re-creating the problem via soil movement during upcoming rains.

Obviously there’s no way it can’t work, time for bananas all around, the problem has been solved!

Facing a similar drainage Issue? A simple French drain, with easy access, can be installed for as low as $35 per linear foot including excavation, gravels, pipe and fabric. A minimum charge does apply. A more difficult and time consuming install such as the one in this story would start at $1,500 to $3.500 depending on complexity.