We’re The Fools To Do Your Dirty Work!

When you need a bit of Dirt Work
Right here in your town
Just call to get us runnin’
And you know we’ll be around

‘Coz… (sing along now)

We’re the fools to do your dirty work
We’re the fools to do your dirty work. Oh yeah!

“Great work! Thank you very much!
I will definitely recommend you to others who need work.”- Douglas Mason, Nashville. (11-28-18 regarding driveway Bobcat grading/gravel work on 11-27 at his residence.)

Hey, Did ya know? Mud Monkeys is:

Topsoil, Mulch, Gravel, Crusher Run DELIVERED!

Two tri-axle loads of Mud Monkey’s Crusher Run. Look at that Bobcat in the background….BIG LOADS!

Residential and Light Commercial 10 Yard Organic Dumpster Service!

Bobcat Grading, Material Spreading and…. yes. we can solve your surface water drainage issues!

Roll Off Dump Truck to deliver your smaller Topsoil, Gravel and Mulch loads, plus handy Banana-Cans, easy-to-load 10 cu. yard Dumpsters to haul away your dirt or yard debris!
Big Job? $250 to $10,000, Financing Is An Option!
“I really must say, I just LOVE this company and I’m quite fond of their name! Do make room for a tete-a-tete with Kelly, Grant or Mickey today!”- Roving reporter, Mud D. Monkey

Call 615.651.9275 or e-mail us at mudmonkeytn@gmail.com